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02nd Mar 2024

Lorry driver dramatically saved from cab hanging from bridge

Joseph Loftus


It was described as a ‘worst-case scenario’.

This is the moment that a woman was rescued from a truck left dangling over the side of a Kentucky-Indiana bridge.

The lorry driver had crashed on the bridge and gone through the railings leaving the driver hanging over the edge for half an hour.

Louisville firefighter Bryce Carden explained that he dangled from a crane almost 100ft in the air and repelled down to save the woman who he found praying inside the cab.

Check out the terrifying footage below:

After cutting the terrified driver out of her seatbelt, Carden safely secured her into a harness and raised her back up away from danger.

Thankfully the driver was saved following the horror crash on Friday. Carden, who has been with the fire brigade for six years, told onlookers: “She was praying a lot and I prayed with her.

“We’ve done some crazy things, but this tops it all.”

Carden added: “It all goes back to training. We’ve done this probably a hundred times.

“Once I reached her she was super calm and collected and allowed us to do what we do.

“In the moment, you don’t really think about it. Your training takes over. Everything slows down and you concentrate on what needs to be done.”

Currently it remains unclear what caused the crash but it’s known that the rescue took place 30 minutes after.

Carden was joined by the fire department chief, Brian O’Neill, who called the incident a “worst-case scenario”.

He added: “It was a constant concern that the truck could shift at any moment. It’s extremely lucky that the entire truck didn’t go into the river.”

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