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15th Feb 2022

Listing for £350,000 bungalow conveniently ignores the giant pylon in front garden

Charlie Herbert

Bungalow with pylon in garden

The weird and not-so-wonderful world of the property market strikes again

At first glance, a recent listing for a bungalow in Southampton looks like it could make a perfect home – well, if you ignore the giant metal pylon dominating its front garden, that is.

We all know that estate agents and those looking to sell property can be, shall we say, loose with the truth. What at first may seem like a negative feature on a property can suddenly be spun into a positive.

“The property’s small you say? I think you mean cosy.” “A bit of wear and tear? That’s called shabby chic.” “The window’s falling off? It’s got character!”

That being said, trying to spin a stonking great metal pylon in the garden as a positive? Not quite sure how that’ll work.

This is a feature that one bungalow in Nursling, Southampton has been blessed with though – and funnily enough, is something the listing chooses not to mention.

The positives are many: it’s got two bedrooms, a spacious lounge, a perfectly amenable bathroom and even a garage and conservatory.

However all of this is quite literally overshadowed by the huge pylon in the front garden.

In fairness to the listing, the pylon is made pretty apparent in the pictures – although it would be nigh-on-impossible to get an outside shot of the place that doesn’t show it.

‘If you just follow me under this pylon, and we can enter the property and have a look round…’ (Michael Rhodes)

If you can get past the pylon, it looks like a lovely little property.

A lovely little conservatory (Michael Rhodes)

On the market for £350,000, it’s in a nice residential area within walking distance of good schools and just over two miles from Redbridge train station. Look at that log burner as well.

A spacious living room with a log burner for those cosy winter evenings (Michael Rhodes)

The bathroom looks nice too, with a decent size shower. Although it’s bad news if you’re a bath-lover…

Honestly, ignore the pylon and it looks like a cracking little place at £350,000 (Michael Rhodes)

If you’re interest has been piqued by this place – or you just really love a pylon – you can find out more about the property and book a viewing here.

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