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26th Mar 2021

Lee Hurst unapologetic over vile Greta Thunberg “joke”

Charlie Herbert

Hurst has said that he has “no regrets” after making the comments

The comedian, best known for his appearances on the 90s comedy sports quiz They Think It’s All Over (yes, that’s his claim to fame), was briefly suspended from Twitter after making the crude joke.

He took aim at the Swedish climate change activist, proving that Greta continues to live rent-free in the minds of millions.

Speaking to the Daily Star Hurst said: “If I’m binned permanently then I suppose I’m glad I was binned for writing a gag rather than for having a rant. No regrets. It got laughs.”

Many users reported the post, and Hurst was subsequently suspended from the platform, although he has now had his suspension removed.

For a lot of people though the main issue with the joke wasn’t necessarily the misogyny, the creepiness, or even the crudeness. It was the fact that it’s a shit joke. LBC presenter Natasha Devon summed it up best with this tweet:

If you were still on the fence about Hurst, then a quick scroll this his Twitter since he’s returned to the platform should leave you in no doubt.

On his return to Twitter, he tweeted: “I am sorry. I’m sorry there are so many po faced, humourless losers who have all, at some point in their dreary lives, told a joke that someone somewhere took offence to and are then hypocritical enough to join in a pile on like the sad poseurs they are.”

Previous tweets of his also include the mention of ‘sheeple’, the admission that he has turned down the vaccine, and retweets of hot takes from ex-UKIP leader Suzanne Evans.

And, as if you needed anymore evidence of his general attitude towards people and wider society, he refused to wear a face covering in a supermarket last October, you know, when the virus was really starting to let rip through the population again.

File him alongside Laurence Fox, Right Said Fred, and Matt Le Tissier in the folder marked ‘Lockdown Lunatics.’