Labour leader Keir Starmer says 'it’s clear that this government is now collapsing' 1 month ago

Labour leader Keir Starmer says 'it’s clear that this government is now collapsing'

The Tory party is in free fall

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer has said it is now "clear that this government is collapsing" under the weight of its own "sleaze, scandal" and "failure".


Shortly after the news of health secretary Sajid Javid and Chancellor Rishi Sunak's resignations, ITV's Paul Brand shared a statement from the opposition leader, in which he suggested that Boris Johnson's cabinet ministers "have known all along who this Prime Minister is".


He goes on to add that while he has enjoyed cheerleaders throughout numerous sagas, they have all chosen to back him when he "broke the law... lied repeatedly" and "mocked the sacrifices of the British people".

He concluded that as a result of their actions, regardless of recent or future resignations, "they have been complicit every step of the way as he has disgraced his office and let down his country".

The former health secretary and chancellor of the exchequer were the first cabinet members to go after yet another scandal following the revelations about MP Chris Pincher.

The Conservative Party's deputy chief whip and representative for Tamworth was hit with six more claims of inappropriate behaviour after he was dubbed a 'pound shop Harvey Weinstein' following inital allegations last week.


It looks as though more walkouts are expected following these high-profile resignations, with South West Wiltshire MP Andrew Murrison resigning in the immediate aftermath and Tory vice-chair Bim Afolami even doing so live on-air.

Starmer went on to add to his initial statement in a subsequent tweet, arguing that if the Cabinet members had "a shred of integrity they would have gone months ago".

He also declared that it is just one man that is currently but the entire Tory Party and that only a "change of government can give Britain the fresh start it needs".


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