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29th Sep 2022

Jordan Peterson in tears after being branded the ‘intellectual hero for the incel community’

April Curtin

Peterson was close to tears but laster said the comments didn’t really bother him

Jordan Peterson got emotional while talking about Olivia Wilde calling him an “insane man” and a “pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community”.

The right-wing Canadian psychologist, who has come under the media spotlight in recent years for his controversial views on feminism and gender, was speaking to Piers Morgan when he nearly broke down earlier this week.

Chris Pine’s character Frank in Don’t Worry Darling was inspired by Jordan Peterson (Image: Warner Bros)

Peterson soon reacted to Wilde’s comments in a statement to the National Post, stating: “Many of the young men whom the progressive and cancel-culture-facilitating mad woke mob (which contains no shortage of bitter, self-righteous, victimhood-brandishing, virtue-signalling, accusatory and even outright demented mean-girl feminists) have shamed and tortured into cowering for even daring to manifest a single masculine attribute have turned to my work and found some solace therein.”

When asked by Morgan if Wilde’s comments hurt, Peterson said: “As far as critiques go, that was kind of low level. Once I got painted as incel as red skull, magical super-nazi, that was kind of the end of the insults. There’s no place past that.”

He later added: “It didn’t really bother me. I talked to my family about it right away and we were able to respond to it with some degree of humour. Which then people completely misunderstood.”

Questioned on why did he get emotional if this was the case, Peterson took another huge pause, got emotional again, and said: “It’s really something to see how many people are dying for lack of an encouraging word.”

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