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07th Sep 2022

Joe Lycett says ticket sales are booming since he came out as right-wing

Steve Hopkins

Lycett is keeping the laughs coming at Liz and Laura’s expense

Joe Lycett is still dining out on his interview with Laura Kuenssberg on Sunday when he caused a wave of outrage through the Tory party by mocking Liz Truss‘ response to the energy crisis.

The comedian sarcastically applauded Truss – who won the Conservative party leadership race on Monday –  and could be heard shouting “you smashed it Liz”, once the interview finished.

When earlier asked what his “honest” thoughts were on Truss’ response, Lycett replied: “You said earlier I’m not left or right. I know there’s been criticism in the Mail on Sunday today about leftie liberal wokie comedians on the BBC. I’m actually very right wing and I love it. I thought she gave great clear answers. I know exactly what she’s up to.”

The exchange on the newly-launched Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg show led to The Daily Mail publishing a front page with the headline: “Now BBC comic mocks Liz Truss,” with the article claiming “anti-Tory bias” from the corporation. Lycett responded to the article as you’d imagine, saying he’s be “off to the framers in the morning.”

And just as the controversy appears to be dying down, Lycett on Tuesday tweeted that ticket sales were booming since he came out as right-wing.

He wrote on Twitter:.”Fyi since coming out as right wing my tour sales have exploded,’ he tweeted on Tuesday afternoon, adding the hashtags ‘stay woke stay broke’ and ‘fair play to Janet’.”

Fans delighted in Lycett keeping his appearance on Kuenssberg’s show in the news, with one replying: “I booked tickets when I thought you were left wing & now I have found out that you are a right wing comedian I feel like I have been duped and would like you to send me a full cash refund, but I would still like to come to see you. Just to make sure you are really right wing.”

Others wanted a repeat of his performance on the sofa on Sunday. “Never mind going on tour, Joe, I’d rather see you on @bbclaurak show every week…,” suggested one viewer.”

In another interview on Monday, Lycett revealed that Truss had had a “face like a slapped a**e” off-camera after his chat with Kuenssberg, while he continued his charade with Jeremy Vine and insisted: “I’m a big Liz Truss supporter, I think she’s the absolute best that we’re capable of – she’s Thatcher 2.0 and I’m nostalgic for Thatcher.”

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