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19th Oct 2021

Insulate Britain protestor tied to railing with own banner by angry driver

Charlie Herbert

Insulate Britain protestor tied to railing

Motorists continue to come up with innovative ways of dealing with the protestors

They’re the protestors that refuse to go away, continuing their calls for the government to properly insulate all social housing in the UK. However as the persistence of Insulate Britain becomes more and more apparent, motorists are having to become more creative in how they remove them from the road.

This has been demonstrated in one of the latest videos circulating following an Insulate Britain protest.

As they blocked a number of junctions across the M25, one outraged driver decided to use one of the group’s banners to tie a protestor to a metal railing beside the road.

A video posted by the group on Facebook shows the protestors being tied to railings with their own banner, whilst another member of the group is dragged out of the middle of the road by another disgruntled driver.

As is their style though, the protestors remain relatively unmoved.

A tweet from the group showing the footage said: “We understand the public’s frustration. We feel for them too. We just want @BorisJohnson to #GetOnWithTheJob and #InsulateBritain so that we can stop fuel poverty and protect future generations everywhere.”

Members of the public have not been afraid to physically move the protestors, with a number of incidents resulting in them being man-handled out of the road.

In another clip, one woman actually begins to drive over the protestors.

The government have done their best to clamp down on the protests but so far to little avail.

The group did recently announce that they would be pausing their protests though – but only until October 25.

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