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09th Nov 2023

Influencer vows to prove head tattoo of boyfriend’s name is real after backlash


She’s finally broken her silence

Influencer Ana Stanskovsky, who is currently based out of Bali, recently went viral after sharing a video showing her getting the name ‘Kevin’ allegedly tattooed on her head.

In the clip, Ana can be seen sitting in a tattooist’s chair to get the questionable design inked forever. As the needle begins seemingly etching the ink onto her skin, Ana squirms in apparent pain.

However, naturally many have since been questioning just how legitimate the tattoo actually is.

Kevin Paul, a tattoo artist who has worked on the likes of Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles and Rihanna, spoke to Metro about what he thinks of Stanskovsky’s bold look.

“It’s 100% fake. It’s literally black marker pen,” he shared.

“The machine isn’t even running and there’s no ink coming out of it.

“There’s no needle actually going into the skin.”

Others have since started bombarding her social accounts to share their proof for the tat being fake.

One wrote: “No one who has a fresh tattoo is about to wipe it with a tissue”.

Another commented: “It’s smudging.”

Now, Ana has hit back in a new video saying that she’s willing to prove the tattoo is real after all, despite (thus far) not doing so at all.


Replying to @Dydyfycy Let me prove its real #tattoo #facetattoo

♬ original sound – Ana Stanskovsky

In the video, Ana says: “I’m sick and tired of hearing from everyone that my tattoo is fake. Why would I do that? I don’t understand, I’ve got so many tattoos, what’s the point? I did it, it’s not a big deal for me. But for everyone else it is.

“So yeah, I’m just gonna prove it. I’m just gonna wash my hands first. I will try to wipe it.

“I’m very excited because I don’t think it’s such a big deal, for someone who’s got so many tattoos. But maybe for someone who has got none, getting your boyfriends name on your forehead, that’s a big deal.”

Ana then added: “But it’s not even that big so I don’t know what they’re saying.”

Ana then peels away the plastic from the tattoo and says: “Okay, so I’m gonna take the tissue. It’s still a bit sore so I don’t want to.”

And then, the video cuts to black.

Very questionable.

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