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24th Nov 2023

I’m A Celeb viewers can’t believe Nigel Farage is same age as Brad Pitt

Joseph Loftus

‘This doesn’t make sense’

I’m A Celeb viewers have been left absolutely fandabbydozeyed after learning that Nigel Farage is the same age as Brad Pitt.

The former UKIP leader, whose time in the jungle has been massively criticised and resulted in a boycott, and Brad Pitt, are both 59-years-old.

Sharing their shock online, one person wrote: “He is the same age as Brad Pitt shows that hatred and bigotry ages you….”

Another wrote: “I almost dropped my bacon sandwich when I found out. I swear, he’s genuinely younger than Brad Pitt. Here he is at the same age as Nige…”

And a third person wrote: “Jacob Rees Mogg is younger than Kylie Minogue, Nigel Farage and Brad Pitt are the same age, as are Katie Hopkins and David Beckham. You can see a pattern emerging here.”

One more person wrote: “Brad Pitt is the same age as Nige and looks about 20yrs younger. Hate must age you…”

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