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07th Jan 2022

‘I shove a fish through my ex’s door every day – it’s toxic but I don’t care’

Charlie Herbert

Woman posts fish through her ex's letterbox

Fish puns ahead

Breakups are rarely nice, but some can end quite amicably. And we all need our own little ways of getting through breakups, no matter how friendly or messy, whether it’s throwing out their things, unfollowing on social media, or letting off some steam on a night out.

But one woman had quite a unique way of letting her ex that their relationship is fin-ished.

Earlier this week, TikTok user Katie Beresford posted a video on the social media platform of how she got back at her former partner.

She claimed: “My toxic trait is that I post a raw fish through my ex’s letter box everyday.”

Katie films herself holding a fish – scales and all – and rocking up to her ex’s plaice, before casually popping it through the door

And then, clearly not feeling gill-ty, she simply walks away like it’s just another normal everyday task that she’s completed.

@katieber5♬ A-Punk – Vampire Weekend

The clip has been viewed more than three million times and racked up more than 440,000 likes.

Obviously, it prompted strong reactions from the good folk of TikTok, who cod not believe what they’d seen.

One viewer replied: “So many people are hating but I think this is genuinely so funny.”

Another added: “This is iconic.”

“I would do this if i didn’t love [my ex’s] family so much,” a third wrote.

“This would make me happy,” a fourth joked. “Imagine getting free fish delivered to your house every day!”

Meanwhile, a fifth pointed out: “But like, is it his place? Or his parents? Not cool to do that to then assuming it’s the latter.”

“Someone’s obsessed with their ex,” another wrote.

Now, if this is even true, this is a level of petty revenge that is truly off the scales.

Though one does wonder how the police haven’t caught her hook line and sinker.

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