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03rd Dec 2023

Homeless man found dead in Manchester City Centre doorway

Joseph Loftus

Horrific news just in

A homeless man has been found dead slumped in a doorway in Manchester City Centre.

Passers-by initially thought that homeless man was sleeping in the freezing cold temperatures until one couple approached him and saw that he wasn’t moving or breathing.

When ambulance staff arrived the man was declared dead.

A cordon was established by police, with police tape stretching out across the road to the car park opposite, reports the MEN.

Greater Manchester Police said that the man, who hasn’t been named, was found on the street.

One man who walked past the scene at 9am said that he assumed the man was sleeping.

He told MEN: “I spotted him and thought he was sleeping.

“I’ve been here since this morning. A couple came out of the car park opposite and went over to him and he didn’t flinch or move at all, so they rung the ambulance.”

A GMP spokesperson explained: “At approximately 10.20am on Sunday, December 3 2023, officers were called to reports of an incident on Bloom Street in Manchester. The body of a man was discovered on the street and he was sadly declared deceased.

“This investigation is in its very early stages and the cause of death is yet to be ascertained. A scene has been put in place and enquires are ongoing.

“Police are not treating the death of the man as suspicious nor is there believed to be any at third-party involvement. A report will be made for the coroner.”

Heartbreaking news.