Guinness launches first-ever home draught tap just in time for Christmas 8 months ago

Guinness launches first-ever home draught tap just in time for Christmas

Dads across the nation will be shelling out for this Guinness invention

With Christmas right around the corner, it seems about time we all start stocking up on booze to aid us in getting through numerous rounds of Monopoly, sitting on the floor amongst heaps of wrapping paper and listening to your aunt drone on about how the Tories are 'levelling up' the country.


Well, Guinness has just made that a hell of a lot easier.

Guiness Who wants a cold one?

In a press release shared on November 22, the popular beer brand unveiled its newest invention.

Launching on December 6, the Guinness Microdraught is just what every Christmas shindig needs. Using allegedly "advanced technology", the in-home bar system performs the "perfect two-part pour; with the iconic surge and settle resulting in a cold, smooth Guinness".

However, you might need to ask Santa for this piece of tech as it comes in at the price of £750. For this price, you get the draught itself, two-pint glasses and also two cans of Microdraught Guinness.

Yeah, that's right, on top of the excessive original price, you will also need to stock up on cans.


"After two years in development we are incredibly excited to bring our Guinness MICRODRAUGHT technology to homes this Christmas, marking a milestone moment of continued innovation for the brand," said Neil Shah, head of business at Guinness.

"Guinness MICRODRAUGHT enables people to enjoy a beautiful looking and delicious tasting Draught Guinness on tap in a completely new setting for the first time ever.

"Whether it's to pour the perfect drink at a festive gathering, a Christmas gift for a friend or family member, or simply to enjoy an iconic drink of the black stuff at home with loved ones, Guinness MICRODRAUGHT is sure to be a hit among beer lovers."

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