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07th Jul 2018

Watch Glaswegian drown out Orange Order march with the Vengaboys

Boom boom boom

Oli Dugmore

Boom boom boom

Relish the moment a Glaswegian blasts the Vengaboys over an Orange Order march through Glasgow city centre.

So far beyond parody are the group, who for some reason are still celebrating a battle that took place in 1690, that you’d be forgiven for thinking that ‘We Like to Party’ was the walk’s official theme.

The man held a speaker to the window ledge of his Argyll Street flat while the parade proceeded through Glasgow city centre at 10am on Saturday morning.

Local resident Euan recorded the video, and told the Daily Record“I work at a night club and only got in at 5am.

“Being woken up by the noise of the walk wasn’t great.

“My girlfriend got me out of bed to tell me somebody was putting his speakers against the window to drown out the sound of the march.”

And now for the HQ version that absolutely slaps.