Gary Neville hits out at ‘bullsh*tter’ Rishi Sunak over resignation 1 month ago

Gary Neville hits out at ‘bullsh*tter’ Rishi Sunak over resignation

G Nev is not one to mince his words

The post-resignation pile-on continues as Gary Neville calls out Rishi Sunak and his fellow cabinet ministers for having "bullsh***d" the general public in an effort to defend the Prime Minister.


Taking to Twitter following the bombshell resignations of the now-former health secretary Sajid Javid and ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, Neville wasted no time in chastising Tory MPs for standing by "all that crap we've heard every single day for the last two years" and that the lying "is about to end" following the walkouts.


He goes on to warn that "what we mustn't forget is every single one of those ministers that sat on that television screen, on that settee and bulsh***d their way through every single interview for him [Boris Johnson] and lied through their back teeth", before adding: "and that includes you, Rishi Sunak.

The former footballer turned pundit has regularly chimed in on British politics and the Conservatives, in particular, and has been praised multiple times for his no-nonsense analysis of the current government.

Neville blasts Boris, Rishi and the Cabinet Office Credit: Getty

Neville previously called for the PM to quit following the Partygate scandal and a potential career in politics is often discussed in relation to relatable speeches.

Current Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has even touted him as a "fantastic" candidate to take on his role in the future, though he admitted he has no idea whether it's something he would seriously consider.


A Labour Party member himself, Neville rounded off the video by quipping, "enjoy your night, going out for a little tipple".

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