Gary Neville says it's time to get Boris Johnson out of No.10 after Christmas party lies 6 months ago

Gary Neville says it's time to get Boris Johnson out of No.10 after Christmas party lies

"He lies to us constantly. He is the worst type of leader. Enough is enough."

Gary Neville has stated that it is 'time to get Boris Johnson out of No.10' after news broke about a Christmas party that was held at Downing Street in 2020.


The party took place at a time when gatherings were banned and while London was placed under Tier 3 restrictions at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Government guidance at the time stated that people "must not have a work Christmas lunch or party, where that is a primarily social activity."

Following the the Downing Street Christmas party scandal, the Prime Minister is now expected to hold a press conference today (8 December) where Brits could face new coronavirus restrictions.


Vaccine passports may soon be required at crowded venues and people will be advised to work from home, multiple news outlets have reported.

Johnson is considering 'Plan B' for the festive period - with speculation that could it could be put in place within the coming days - in response to the ongoing threat from the Omicron variant.

However, former Manchester United and England defender Neville has taken to social media to criticise the proposed press conference, as well as claiming that the PM  'lacks integrity and lies to us constantly'.


He said: "Reports emerging that Boris Johnson is going to announce a press conference at 5:30pm tonight (8 December), the distraction tactic is now a predictable one, we've seen it for the past two years.

"This guy lacks integrity, he lies to us constantly, the mistruths that come out of No 10 are constant.

"Not only that, he's the worst kind of leader. Someone who then expects his team to go under with him and come out and lie for him.


"His ministers and MPs are constantly forced to do that and enough is enough.

"It's not even about a party or a social gathering on December 18 last year or a secret Santa and cheese and wine, it's about actually having a guy at the top of our country who believes he can just take us all for a ride and laugh at us.

"He does it time after time after time, this can not be let go.

"Now is the time to get this guy out of No 10 and start to bring some standard back into politics in this country."

Neville has criticised Johnson on a number of occasions in the past, calling him out for hypocrisy in the summer after England players received racist abuse following the Euro 2020 final defeat to Italy.


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