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25th Mar 2022

You won’t believe this, Karens’ aren’t even the biggest complainers

Charlie Herbert


It seems that the Karen meme doesn’t reflect the real world…

Karens have had it rough over recent years, with their name becoming a byword for the sort of person who always complains and just loves to ask for the manager.

How and why this has happened, no one can be quite sure – but maybe we need to change the narrative… and turn our attention to the Davids of the world.

MrQ has analysed almost 80,000 negative reviews on Trustpilot and TripAdvisor for some of the most popular brands, dining venues, tourist attractions, and supermarkets, to reveal the people most likely to submit a complaint.

And when it comes to leaving negative reviews on the internet, Karens don’t even feature in the top 10.

The research found that if your name is David, you are the most likely to leave a negative review online. People with this name left 1,028 reviews, followed by Paul and John, with 969 and 967 reviews.

The top female name for leaving a negative review is Sarah, with 0.6 per cent of all the reviews looked at coming from people with that name.

Davids, Pauls and Johns are far and away the internet’s biggest complainers (MrQ)

Overall, men were found to be 131 per cent more likely to complain online than women, proving that men are the real moaners.

There is some evidence to back up the Karen stereotype though, with this being the second-highest female name to leave a bad review. In third was Emma. Julie finished fourth.

But what are the Karens, Sarahs, Davids, and Pauls all complaining about? Well, the research looked at that as well.

It’s not all good news for Karens though, as they were the second most likely name to complain (MrQ)

The most complained about supermarket was Asda, with three-quarters of the reviews receiving one star.

KFC came out on top as the most complained about dining venue, with 79 per cent of the 2,492 reviews analysed giving just a single star.

Meanwhile, Big Ben was the most complained about tourist attraction, with 31 per cent of its reviews giving one star.

And finally, whilst it may be the Holy Grail for children across the country, clearly parents really don’t rate Hamleys, with 89 per cent of its reviews being one star.

So if you ever meet a husband and wife called David and Sarah outside Big Ben, who have just been to Hamleys with their child and are about to go and have some lunch at KFC, you can be sure they’ve had a thoroughly miserable day.

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