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20th Sep 2022

Danniella Westbrook says Prince Harry was treated like ‘second class citizen’ at Queen’s funeral

April Curtin

She’s not the first to comment on his treatment

Former EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook said her ‘heart broke’ seeing Prince Harry wear a morning suit instead of military uniform, and unable to salute his grandmother at her funeral.

The 47-year-old actor, who played Sam Mitchell in the BBC soap, took to social media during the Queen’s funeral on Monday to share her views.

She wrote: “Poor prince harry my heart breaks for that kid, not allowed his uniform or to salute… cant they just bloody let it go, his then king’s son and it’s gran’s funeral as well hate seeing him being treated like a second class citizen after all his been through with losing his mother.”

Prince Harry arrived at his grandmother’s funeral wearing his morning suit and military medals, before processing behind the coffin. The 38-year-old gave up his honorary military titles in 2020 when he and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped down as senior members of the royal family.

Meanwhile, King Charles III and eldest son, Prince William, were both seen in their uniforms.

Viewers of the Queen‘s funeral were also left questioning why Prince Harry was seated in the second row behind King Charles, his father, rather than on the same row. He was seated behind his cousins, non-working royals, Zara Phillips and Mark Tindall.

Prince Andrew was also wearing a morning suit at the funeral, despite earlier reports that he would be allowed to wear his military uniform as a ‘mark of respect’ for his mother. The Queen stripped Andrew of his royal duties and military titles earlier this year, following his controversial relationship with convicted sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein. Lawyers who represented Epstein victims said Andrew’s return to public life could prove “triggering” for survivors.

The King did grant Harry and Andrew special permission to stand guard around the Queen’s coffin in their uniforms while it lay in state in Westminster Hall last week.

He and Prince Andrew were both unable to salute the Queen’s coffin during the official burial ceremony, since they are no longer working royals, and it is a duty that is only performed by people who are in uniform.

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