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20th Sep 2022

Australian TV presenter believes Meghan Markle had fake tears at the Queen’s funeral

Tobi Akingbade

But … Meghan had literal tears on her face

Australian television host Karl Stefanovic made it clear how he felt about Meghan Markle boil during a breakfast show following Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

The Today host implied that pictures of the Duchess of Sussex wiping away tears at the Westminster Abbey service were misleading. His baseless suggestion that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wasn’t actually crying when she was pictured wiping away tears.

Meghan was openly weeping during the state funeral and burial of her husband’s grandmother. Literal tears could be seen, just like other members of the royal family.

Stefanovic made clear his verdict on Meghan’s public display of emotion with just one word – ‘apparently’ – and it didn’t go unnoticed by his co-anchor Allison Langdon.

The moment occurred while Stefanovic and Langdon were speaking to royal photographer Chris Jackson outside Buckingham Palace and Stefanovic noted how several photos from the funeral were open to interpretation, particularly in regard to whether certain members of the Royal Family were crying.

He implied that pictures of Meghan wiping away tears were perhaps misleading.

‘There’s been lots of photos around and interpretations of photos and reading into photos [meanings] that may or may not be true,’ he said.

“There’s a couple of Meghan, um, with a tear running down her face – apparently – and also even one of Princess Charlotte that everyone was saying she was crying, and we don’t know if it was true or not.”

Meanwhile, Tom Bower discusses Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s attendance at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral saying to GB News: “The only person that Meghan I think at the moment is crying for is for herself. Certainly not for the Queen.”

Prince Andrew, who was not mentioned by Stefanovic, was seen weeping as he followed his mother’s coffin across the streets of London on Monday.

The mourning royal, alongside Prince Harry, was banned from wearing his military uniform at the ceremony after being stripped of his titles.

Prince Harry arrived wearing his morning suit and military medals.

King Charles III, and eldest son, Prince William, were both seen in their uniforms.

Harry gave up his honorary military titles in 2020 when he and his wife, Meghan, stepped down as senior members of the royal family.

Prince Andrew was stripped of his royal duties and military titles following his controversial relationship with convicted sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein, and wore his morning suit despite earlier reports that he would be allowed to wear his military uniform as a ‘mark of respect’ for his mother.

Over 4 billion people were anticipated to watch the Queen’s funeral – making it the most watched single TV event in history. Others have included the 1996 Olympics, which saw a Muhammad Ali, who was battling Parkinson’s disease, light the Olympic flame in front of 3.6 billion across the globe. Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997 also ranks amongst the most watched, with 2 billion tuning in worldwide.

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