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01st Feb 2021

Work out when you should get the Covid-19 vaccine with this queue calculator

This calculator claims to be able to work out when you should receive your first and second shots of the Covid-19 vaccine(s)

Reuben Pinder

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vacciiiiiiiiiiiiiinnneeeeeeee

It’s the question on everybody’s lips. When can I get the vaccine? Somebody stick a fucking needle in my arm so I can go outside again. I say everybody, everybody except for the depressingly large anti-vaxx community. But most sane people with at least a few brain cells are keen to get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible.

Obviously, there is a queue to get the jabs. But with three different jabs approved and the prime minister promising (lol, I know) to get vaccine centres open 24 hours a day soon, there is reason to be optimistic.

It’s very difficult to predict anything at the moment, but Omni Calculator claim to be able to predict the rough time period in which you should receive the vaccine, based on nine points of priority outlined by the government.

The survey asks your age, whether you are a care home worker or resident, a health worker, whether you are pregnant, an unpaid carer, whether you’ve been asked to shield and if you have any underlying health conditions.

Based on my information, it estimates that I should receive my first dose between 14/07/2021 and 26/09/2021, and the second dose between 06/10/2021 and 19/12/2021. See you in the pub for Christmas, lads.

Find out when you might, maybe receive the vaccine by answering a few questions here.