Check out The Times' downright hilarious attempt at translating Stormzy lyrics 5 years ago

Check out The Times' downright hilarious attempt at translating Stormzy lyrics

Paul Pogba's transfer deal (back) to Manchester United was a game-changer in more ways that one...

It's the most expensive transfer signing in world football. It's the prodigal son returning to help his former side reclaim former glories. It's an English club nabbing one of the best ten footballers in the world.


It's a pretty big deal. Made even better by having the new signing announced by STORMZY of all people.

Having the world's most expensive footballer announced by a grime artist is a far cry from the days of a pitch unveiling and waving around a scarf. It's a sign that football's entering a new era, so its to be expected that a few places are doing their best to help everyone catch up.

This week saw The Times try their best to explain who Stormzy is to any customers reading up on the Pogba deal.

Their efforts to explain what the Shut Up MC is rapping about in the new adidas promo just might be the best side story to a transfer deal ever.


The Times' flair for a well-researched story is on display here as all the Rap Genius-style translation checks out. There's even a lovely clarification about who Stormzy is referring to when he refers to "his city".

They've done a bang-up job really. Which is only right, because now Pogba's got a music video, we want more big names to be announced by grime artists.

Lethal Bizzle is an Arsenal fan. Could Puma get him to announce Lacazette if Wenger wants him?

We'd love to see The Times translate "DENCH"...

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