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28th Mar 2021

British immigrants ‘in tears’ after being told to leave Spain

Due to Brexit, when the British people voted to surrender their membership of the European Union, Brits have to leave Spain and some of them aren't happy

Reuben Pinder

Well, well, well, if it’s the consequence of my own actions

500 Brits could be deported from Spain in the first week of April, when freedom of movement rules will no longer apply due to Brexit.

Brits can apply for resident status in Spain if they wish, but if they don’t they must return to the UK. Any British people living in Spain who do not go through the official process of obtaining resident status must leave or they will be deemed illegal immigrants after March 31.

Reports have circulated that Spanish police are expecting to deport as many as 500 Brits in the first week after the rules change.

These rules have upset many British immigrants living in Spain, even those who voted for Brexit, which was won after a campaign that focused on the supposed negatives of the EU’s freedom of movement laws.

Shaun Cromber, who voted for Britain to leave the EU in 2016, told Global247News: “Yes I voted out, but I didn’t realise it would come to this, my application has been rejected and we are on our way home – the wife is in tears, she’s distraught if I’m honest and I’m not too happy at the prospect of returning back to the UK.

“I’ve loved living on the Costa del Sol and after 5 years can’t believe it has come to this, we applied but got rejected and so have no choice, although long term I think the Spanish will regret chucking us out of Spain.”

I’m just off to fetch the world’s tiniest violin.