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06th May 2019

Brexit party leaflets defaced, incinerated and fed to dogs by members of the public

There are many ways to skin a cat

Oli Dugmore

Nigel Farage looks out at the crowd before a Brexit party campaign rally

There are many ways to skin a cat

Particularly if that cat is a leaflet from the Brexit party.

The European elections are just 17 days away. Each party is allowed to send you one piece of literature, at zero cost, during the campaign using your information from the electoral roll.

The junk mail market has collapsed with the advent of new data laws, so it may actually be possible to identify the leaflets in amongst the rest of the post.

How I miss catalogues for non-stick pans and vacuum-sealed storage. They were simpler times.

So, the electorate is now receiving leaflets. Apparently to much shock and despair. Because a great number of people are developing elaborate ways to demean or destroy post from Nigel Farage’s nascent Brexit party.

Not quite “the fear of God” Farage said he would put into MPs.