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24th May 2018

Masked hooligans attack Liverpool fans in Kiev restaurant ahead of Champions League final

James Dawson

Footage shows a gang storming a restaurant in which Liverpool fans were eating

Shocking footage has shown the moment that a group of Liverpool fans were attacked close to Kiev’s Olympic stadium ahead of Saturday’s Champions League final.

The Mirror has obtained footage showing a group of around 20 hooligans setting on the Liverpool supporters like a “pack of dogs” around 8.30pm this evening.

In the face of attack, the Brits were forced to shield themselves, as the masked assailants stormed the establishment and threw tables and chairs at them.

Jason Frost, 50, from Nuneaton, told the Mirror: “We were having dinner, completely minding our own business. I didn’t come here for this. I came to watch the football.

“We’ve been here for four hours and then we’re getting attacked. They came at us like a pack of dogs. It just kept coming. It was terrifying.”

Ukrainian police arrested just two who took part in the attack, with a number of Liverpool supporters left bloody from cuts and wounds to their faces and bodies.

Thousands of Liverpool fans are expected to travel to the Ukrainian capital in the coming days with the club having been given an allocation of more than 16,000 tickets.