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30th Mar 2024

Boss tells employees to ‘grow up’ after staff complain she didn’t buy them Easter eggs


Her staff are not happy bunnies…

A boss has taken to Mumsnet to question whether her employees are being unreasonable after they complained about not being bought any Easter eggs.

The OP explained that she had recently been given a promotion, and that her new role means she is on a higher wage.

 “I have recently had a promotion at work and now line manage six others,” she wrote. The increase in pay only works out to be about £8 a day compared to a big increase in workload/responsibility.

“I have also only been in this role for two weeks so haven’t even received my first payslip yet. However, I have had several comments from my team this week about Easter eggs… pointing out that other managers had bought their staff one and when was I going to do the same.

“Some of these comments came across really sarky and it has made me feel quite bad for not buying any! It hadn’t even crossed my mind tbh and money is tight at the best of times.”

She asked the forum whether she was “being mean for not buying a team of adults (older than myself) an Easter egg when I’m very newly in this role?”

“Or do they need to grow up? Half tempted to go to the shops now and try to pick something up for Tuesday because I feel guilty!”

Fellow forum users responded to the post and agreed that the OP’s staff needed to ‘grow up’.

“They need to grow up,” one person responded. “I manage a team and took some Easter cakes in the office this week but noone would have commented or cared if I didn’t. I have never been bought an Easter egg by a manager.”

A second penned: “They are being weird and childish.”

While a third wrote: “Never been bought, or bought anyone, an Easter egg at work. You work with some very strange (and slightly nasty) people.”

Featured image credit: Hefin Owen/Flickr