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27th Oct 2021

Average number of sexual partners in UK revealed

Kieran Galpin


Well, this is awkward

The average number of sexual partners for the UK has been revealed and let’s just say a lot of us might need to book in for some catholic confessionals.

Using 35 countries from across the globe, Men’s mental health platform Manual has done the immensely important work of uncovering how many partners men in the UK have in their lifetime.


While many of us are out on the town racking up a higher body count than the average gamer on Call of Duty, it turns out the national average is only 9.8 sexual partners.

The big question is, does the ‘.8’ refer to Tory’s?

Guys with lion tattoos and skin fades are shaking in their brogues because that’s 9.8 in a lifetime, not a week.

Dr Earim Chaudry, Medical Director of Manual, said: “While people in some countries prove to have more sexual partners than others, it is important not to compare yourself to these figures.

“Safe, consensual sex should always also be practised, and the number of sexual partners does not correlate with a man’s level of satisfaction with their sex life.”

At the top of the board comes Turkey with a national lifetime average of 14.5 sexual partners, followed closely by Australia with 13.3, New Zealand with 13.2, Iceland with 13 and South Africa with 12.5.

Great Britain is ranked in the middle, with Japan above us at 10.2, and Austria just below us at 9.7.

Countries with the least amount of sexual partners are locations like India with 3, China with 3.1, and Slovakia with 5.4.


On average, men in the UK lose their virginity at around 18, which is pretty cohesive with the other countries involved in the study. Generally speaking, Asian countries lose their virginity between 22 and 23. Slovakia, Norway, and Bulgaria come in with the lowest ages at around 16 years old.

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