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15th Jun 2017

Australian Prime Minister mocks Donald Trump in leaked video

Trump never gets a break

Darragh Berry

Quite a good impression too.

It seems as if almost everyone is mocking the United States President Donald Trump lately. Whether he is being decapitated by comedians or killed in Shakespeare plays, Trump can’t catch a break.

Current Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, was next in line to mock Trump.

At a mid-winter ball (their winter is our summer) Turnbull was leader turned comedian as he read out a speech imitating that of Donald Trump.

The Midwinter Ball is the highlight of the political year in Australia and gives a chance for journalists, advisers and politicians a chance to mix, similar to that of the White House Correspondents Dinner.
However, unlike the US version, Turnbull’s speech at this dinner was supposed to be off the record but Australian news station, Channel Nine decided to opt against the rule of thumb and put the clip on-air after Turnbull’s speech landed on social media.
This will put another spanner in the works between the US President and Australian Prime Minister who had just repaired their relationship after what was reportedly a heated phone call in January over a US-Australian refugee deal.
The pair looked to have rekindled a friendship when they met briefly back in New York in May where Trump stated that their relationship was “fantastic.”