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15th Sep 2015

All your favourite 90s kids shows are coming back to a new channel (Video)


Ben Kenyon

How s**t is kids TV these days?

If you ever spend two minutes flicking through the paucity of early morning televisual offerings for children, it’s slim pickings. And what the f**k have they done to Fireman Sam and Postman Pat? Outrage!

They really don’t make them like they used to. The 90s really was the golden age for kids TV – whether you watched anything from The Hurricanes and Pokemon to Rugrats and Kenan and Kel.

Now Nickelodeon are about to bring back some of the greatest shows ever made on one glorious new (old) channel called The Splat.

The company’s top brass made the announcement during the Brooklyn ’90s Festival.

It means next time you get bored and start channel-hopping you could find there’s a Clarissa Explains it All marathon on, re-runs of Doug or even a Hey Arnold or Ren and Stimpy special.

It will be like coming home from school all over again…