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25th Mar 2023

All migrants may be moved out of hotels to disused ferries and military bases, report claims

Steve Hopkins

A final decision is expected as early as next week

Migrants are to be moved from hotels to military bases or even disused ferries, according to reports on Saturday.

Sky News said the government is expected to announce the plans within weeks as it continues its hardline approach.

Ministers have previously signalled they want to stop using hotels for asylum seekers. The Express reported that, at the moment, housing over 50,000 migrants in hotels for asylum seekers is costing close to £7million per day.

The scheme will see single adult male migrants transferred to former military bases, where they will be provided “rudimentary” but adequate living quarters, according to the Telegraph.

Other suggestions, including using holiday camps or student halls, to house migrants, are less likely to be actioned, Sky reported.

Ministers are also said to be considering using decommissioned ferries.

Rishi Sunak is expected to argue that the living conditions meet the government’s minimal legal requirements and will reduce costs.

The plans come as pressure mounts around Sunak’s illegal immigration bill next week, and as up to 60 Conservative MPs, including former ministers, try to toughen the bill by giving UK courts more power and blocking deportation injunctions. An amendment has also been put forward to stop the European Court of Human Rights from having a say on the UK process for handling illegal migration.

A final decision is anticipated before an announcement as early as next week.

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