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27th Feb 2017

A massive online data leak means you need to change these passwords ASAP

Rory Cashin

It might be time to learn a whole new set of passwords.

A few days ago, Cloudfare – an internet performance and security checking company – released a blog post declaring that they had accidentally been releasing private information on the internet.

While fixing a bug in the system, the company discovered that they had been uploading the log-in details to millions of customers who would use Cloudfare via websites and apps for the likes of OkCupid, Uber, FitBit, Medium and Yelp.

Cloudfare actually cover over four million different websites and online outlets, and if you are concerned that one of your accounts might be affected, you can check the Does It Use Couldfare website, although in the interest of safety, it might be best to change the password anyway.