3am beer run costs Aussie Olympians their freedom after gold-medal loss 1 year ago

3am beer run costs Aussie Olympians their freedom after gold-medal loss

The incident follows earlier complaints about Australian athletes leaving rooms 'covered in sick'.


"We have reprimanded them," Chesterman said. "We have isolated them in their rooms ... they are feeling deep remorse, they have let their own teammates down. The players themselves have not done any harm outside the village, they haven't done any harm inside the village. My concern is they have breached the protocols.


"In the Australian culture – indeed, in many places right around the world – people celebrate and commiserate over a drink, so that is understandable behaviour for them. What wasn't acceptable to us was the breach of the [Tokyo Olympic] playbook."

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The side's coach, Colin Batch, said: "They have embarrassed the Kookaburras, the Australian Olympic team and it’s completely out of character."

The five players have not been named by officials.

The incident comes days after another incident involving Australian athletes at the Olympic village.


Members of the rowing and rugby squads left damaged hotel rooms covered in sick after drunken celebrations, whilst members of the nation's football side were reprimanded after a drunken flight home.