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06th Dec 2023

20-year-old musician pleads for people to stream her music so she doesn’t have to work 9 to 5

Nina McLaughlin

A musician has divided opinion after her comments on the regular nine to five

Zoe Wynns asked people to stream her music in a video on Instagram, but the clip quickly went viral after it left viewers conflicted about her views.

“I know this is gonna sound spoiled, I know this is gonna sound like some artsy creative who you know just doesn’t wanna put in the hard work and hours, but I physically do not think I can do it,” she began.

“I start to cry if I have more than like three non-creative tasks to do in a day and imagine doing eight hours-a-day of something that I don’t really love for the rest of my life… So there’s no other option. This has to work.”

Wynns went on to recall a quote that she lives her life by: “‘People like us can’t live normal lives. If we try, it kills us.'”

“And honestly? I am throwing myself into that category ’cause I think I will simply die,” she added.

“So if you want to listen to my music and help me, you know, one step in the process of me not literally dying, please stream it. I love you guys.”

The musician captioned the video: “I think I was made to create. Check out my music under Zoe Wynns on all platforms! #alternativeartist #smallmusician #composer.”

Considering working jobs that you don’t necessarily like is something that most people have to go through in their lives, it’s fairly understandable that Wynns’ comments left people divided.

“Not the trust fund kids coming up with philosophical ways to accept and identify with their laziness,” one person commented.

“Ur parents worked so you can do this, think about that,” a second put.

While a third said: “It’s giving rich parents.”

However, others defended the musician.

It’s not spoiled in least bit,” one person commented. “Our purpose extends beyond the mundane cycle of work, eat, sleep, and repeat; we are here to create and explore. While financial stability matters, transforming one’s passion into income adds an extra layer of fulfillment. Many may not grasp this concept, but for us creative souls, life’s essence transcends the confines of mere labor.”

“Keep your creativity working, you never know when a breakthrough is at hand, don’t loose hope and keep pushing, never listen to the nae sayers, and keep on your own track,” another said.


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