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08th Nov 2023

Gen Z woman fumes after quitting her job and not being thanked

Nina McLaughlin

A young Australian woman has hit out at her former employers after they failed to thank her for her time working there.

Keeley Pejovic took to TikTok to explain her frustration that her employers of six years did not thank her as she finished on her last day.

The 21-year-old had been working at a Gold Coast Woolworths, but explained that neither her managers nor her co-workers “cared” that she had finished her last day at the place she had worked during her “whole teenage years.”

“Six years, I quit and I did not get one single thank you or goodbye. Like no one gave a f**k,” she said, via New York Post.

However, she added that she was not “surprised” about the lack of a goodbye, as one of the reasons she was leaving was because “nobody cared” about her.

“I was literally just existing at my job. To be there for six years and nobody could care less. The managers didn’t say anything, no thank you, no goodbye, nothing,” Pejovic said.

The clip quickly went viral with over 200,000 views and hundreds of comments, but her opinion has left viewers divided.

“Me the person who organised all of the farewell gifts … just silently walked out on my last shift,” one person shared in the comments.

A second put: “Seven years in my last job not even a card. Last thing my boss said – you’ll be back.”

“I can never understand why people expect anything when leaving a job,” a third wrote.

While a fourth said: “Calm down, we’re all just a number.”

“Get used to it, this’ll harden you up and in 30 years time – trust me you’ll be in a much better place, financially and emotionally,” a fifth put.


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