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21st Jan 2023

Pink Floyd fans mock criticism of ‘woke’ Dark Side Of The Moon logo

Charlie Herbert

Dark side of the moon

‘You know you’re homophobic when you get mad at the Pink Floyd rainbow’

Pink Floyd fans have hit out at anti-woke conservatives who have mistaken the band’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ logo for a show of support for the LGBT community.

This week, the legendary prog rockers announced they would be releasing a special reissue box set of their iconic album, to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The 1973 record is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential albums of all time. Along with the songs themselves, the album cover has become one of the recognisable in music, featuring a prism refracting light that makes the colours of the rainbow.

To launch the new box set, the band shared an updated version of the art for the album as their official Facebook profile picture. It sees the prism with ’50’ written inside it. Within the ‘0’ are the colours of the rainbow, calling back to the ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ artwork.

But the image sparked bizarre fury from some, who thought the rainbow colours were a show of support for the LGBTQ+ community.

For some reason, this angered them and several took to the comments to voice their rage at the “woke” move.

“Lose the rainbow, you’re making yourself look stupid!” one wrote, with another saying they won’t listen to Pink Floyd again moving forwards.

“Are you going woke with rainbows?” another angry fan added. “Is there a straight flag? I want equal representation, don’t get me wrong, we should all be true to who we are.”

In response, a number of Floyd fans laughed at the misguided anger, pointing out that the rainbow has always been on the album cover.

One person wrote in the comments section: “I thought it was a joke and had to come see for myself. Are people really having tantrums over the rainbow that has ALWAYS been there in that iconic cover?”

Another added: “You know you’re homophobic when you get mad at the rainbow that has always been Pink Floyd’s logo. It shines out of the triangle; represents the start of life and all the paths taken and influences over a lifetime.”

A third said: “Ironically those complaining about a rainbow are also those that complain that everyone gets offended so easily these days.”

Others on Twitter also voiced their bafflement at the rainbow-haters.

The new ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ box set will arrive on March 24 and will celebrate the seminal record through a newly remastered version of the original release.

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