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11th Dec 2023

People can’t believe Sean Paul doesn’t actually say ‘Sean de Paul’ in his songs

Callum Boyle

Sean Paul

We’ve all been singing it wrong

I can guarantee you’ll have met at least one person who has sung a Sean Paul song on karaoke.

What you can’t guarantee is if they were singing it correctly.

For years now, we’ve all believed that the artist has always started a song off by saying: “Sean de Paul”.

Well, we’ve been wrong this whole time.

Despite your ears telling you otherwise, the 50-year-old has never said those words once.

Music listeners have been left baffled after one user on X confessed that he used to think that the rapper was actually saying ‘Chanderpaul’ rather than his own name.

He claimed that he initially thought it was a “weird tribute” to Guyanese cricket legend Shivnarine Chanderpaul.

But, after doing some digging, it turned out that his wild guess was right all along.

During an interview with Vice, Paul was asked about the Sean de Paul saga before he explained: “There was a famous cricketer in Trinidad, Shivarine Chanderpaul,” the rapper explained.

“Everybody was like ‘Chanderpaul’ and yo, that name stuck. And then I just started to say it at shows and met the dude Chanderpaul years later, and he’s like ‘Yo!’

“But yeah, big up to Shivarine Chanderpaul.”

Now you all know what to sing the next time you’re called up to karaoke.

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