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23rd Feb 2024

Museum looking for Taylor Swift superfan to work as advisor

Ryan Price

Is this your dream job?

The Victoria and Albert museum in London is recruiting a Taylor Swift superfan advisor to join their team.

The job description has been posted on their current vacancies page with a closing date of 7th March.

The job advertisement asks; “Are you an encyclopaedia of Emojis? A connoisseur of Crocs? The most studious Swiftie? A tufting trailblazer? Or even a Drag devotee? If you’re into it, it’s in the V&A.”

The role is amongst a group of positions aimed at bringing in people who are experts in sourcing materials relating to current trends and pop culture.

The institute has already filled four superfan roles, for Toby jugs, Pokemon cards, Gorpcore clothing and Lego.

The website states: “Successful candidates will meet curatorial experts at the V&A, share knowledge about their specialist subject, learn about the history of these objects and why they are relevant to art, design and the future of creativity. Candidates will also have the chance to go behind the scenes at the V&A to view relevant items from the collection.”

Among the other newly added roles are ‘Superfan Advisor – Crocs’, ‘Superfan Advisor – Drag’, ‘Superfan Advisor – Emojis’ and ‘Superfan Advisor – Tufting’.

If your passion lies in one of the above, head to their website and get your application in.

With regard to the Swift role, the museum is looking for insights into the culture and craftsmanship behind handmade signs displayed at her concerts, friendship bracelets exchanged between fans and other memorabilia associated with the singer.

Each role will be paid a set rate per session, which will be discussed with applicants at the interview stage.

Bob Moores, the current Toby jug superfan adviser, told Sky News: “I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to turn my love of collecting early English Toby jugs into my full-time job.

“I acquired my first Toby jug some 25 years ago and since then have developed an absolute passion for these quintessentially English jugs and being allowed to work alongside the experts in this field at the V&A is a privilege and being paid to do so is an added bonus.”

So if you, like Bob, want to turn your love for Tay Tay into a full time gig, sort that cv out and throw your hat in the ring.