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10th Apr 2017

Harry Styles set to miss out on number 1 – despite topping charts for downloads and sales

This is incredibly unfair on Styles

Laura Holland

Wouldn’t you be raging?

Harry Styles released his debut single on Friday, Sign of the Times. If you haven’t heard it – and even if you’re not a natural fan of his poppier One Direction work – it’s actually pretty fucking good:

It was set to hit the official top spot in the charts but it could miss out due to a technical glitch on Spotify.

Based on its downloads and sales it’s at the top of the charts but it could be affected by the Spotify stats after it saw a dip over the weekend when fans weren’t able to find it.

According to The Sun, there was a glitch with the search function meaning fans weren’t able to find the song when they searched for it on Spotify.

A source said:

“This is a nightmare start for Harry’s solo career and his record label won’t be happy.

The Spotify malfunction meant many of his fans simply couldn’t find his song to listen to online when they searched for it.

The potential ramifications are big and it’s likely he has missed out on hundreds of thousands of streams as a result. That could really affect his chart position come Friday.

He is No1 at the moment but that’s only because his streaming stats haven’t been included yet, and they have more weight.

Harry’s launch is one of the industry’s biggest this year and everyone expected him to hit the ground running by topping the charts.”