Fans shocked after Machine Gun Kelly smashes glass on his face during performance 1 month ago

Fans shocked after Machine Gun Kelly smashes glass on his face during performance

MGK's documentary is now streaming on Disney Plus

Machine Gun Kelly shocked fans during one of his performance, at the premiere of his film; smashing a glass on his face and continuing to sing as it ran down his outfit.


Machine Gun Kelly, real name Colston Baker, is well known for his rather unique way of going about things. Whether it be his very public relationship with Megan Fox or his straight-to-the-point attitude, Kelly is constantly hitting the headlines across the globe.

This latest ordeal saw Kelly, 32, attend the premiere of his documentary Life In Pink alongside Megan Fox, 36. Kelly was also in New York City for his Mainstream Sellout Tour, clad all in pink alongside Fox.


During a performance of My Ex's Best Friend at the afterparty, Kelly said, "Bro, I don't give a sh*t" before smashing a champagne glass on his face. The artist seemed unphased by the visible damage, and in a second video, he continues to sing with blood running down his face. Luckily he was wearing pink, so the blood almost matched.

He also uploaded the videos to his own Instagram story and was pictured at the Catch Steakhouse with blood still on his face, neck and hands.

Reacting to the shocking video on Twitter, one user wrote: "This guy needs an intervention."


"What a douche canoe," another said.

Life In Pink, directed by Sam Cahill, takes "you through the raw realness and pressure of a rock star's rise to the top." It's now streaming on Hulu and Disney Plus.

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