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15th Oct 2021

Megan Fox reveals graphic sex confession about Machine Gun Kelly

Kieran Galpin

Megan Fox

Screw Cinderella and Prince Charming; this relationship is the GOAT!

Megan Fox has pulled back the curtain on her relationship with rapper and notorious ‘bad boy’ Machine Gun Kelly, leaving fans confused but undoubtedly obsessed.

In a recent interview with GQ Style, which has since gone viral on almost every social media platform, the duo quiz each other on aspects of their relationship. Alongside the video, Fox posted an image of the shoot onto her Instagram alongside a caption which I now want to be tattooed on my body.

“The tale of two outcasts and star crossed lovers caught in the throes of a torrid, solar flare of a romance,” she wrote.

She then ended the sentence with “featuring:” before listing the components of their relationship, which are not things like putting the seat down, never going to bed angry or lovey-dovey rubbish like that.

Their relationship includes:

“Feverish obsession, guns, addiction, shamans, lots of blood, general mayhem, therapy, tantric night terrors, binding rituals, chakra sound baths, psychedelic hallucinations, organic smoothies, and the kind of sex that would make Lucifer clutch his rosary.”

A few – like organic smoothies and therapy – are instantly understandable but others leave quite a bit to the imagination.

If this list is to be believed, it would make Fox arguably one of the more famous celeb witches – so it makes sense that shamans, binding rituals, and chakra sound baths are staples in their relationship.

Instagram users were simultaneously concerned and thirsty over the post. One Insta-fan wrote: “It’s just likeā€¦. A lot for a Monday morning Meg.”

The couple also reminisced about their first meeting, which happened to be at a GQ party.

“I just remember this tall, blond, ghostly creature and I looked up and I was like, ‘You smell like weed’,” she told the magazine.

“He looked down at me and he was like, ‘I am weed’. Then, I swear to God, he disappeared like a ninja in a smoke bomb.”

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