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04th Oct 2022

Craig David comes out as ‘psychic’ and says he can hear ‘his ancestors’

April Curtin

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND - JULY 23: Craig David Presents TS5 during the 2022 Splendour Festival at Wollaton Park on July 23, 2022 in Nottingham, England. (Photo by Luke Brennan/Getty Images)

‘I was a bit in the closet about being psychic,’ he said

Craig David has claimed to have psychic abilities which enable him to “hear his ancestors”.

The 7 Days singer, 41, said he has “been in the closet” for a while, but opened up about his talents in an interview with Fearne Cotton on Tuesday.

Speaking on the presenter’s Happy Place podcast, the 41-year-old said: “I’m super empathic, super sensitive and super psychic, which I feel very liberated to say now.

“I was a bit in the closet about being psychic. But I’m very clairvoyant and I can see things in the future.

“My ears ring off like crazy and I know there’s a guide or some ancestor trying to come through – and tuning in.”

The singer’s revelations come after he was violated by a stalker last month.

Tanya Jeal, 31, stalked David between 2016 to 2021 – knocking on his hotel room door, turning up at his home address and sending a letter to his parents.

In a statement read out in Bromley Magistrates’ Court, David said the incidents had left him feeling “violated” and “uncomfortable in [his] own home.”

“I tried to see her as someone who was a little too excited…[but it] escalated into something that was far more scary,” he said.

Jeal claimed certain matters did not happen “in accordance with what he said”.

She said: “There was a video on YouTube that has been removed about me and Mr David claiming that he is gay. If I turned up at his door as a man he would have opened the door.

“I think if he stated his sexuality in the beginning I would never have gone to see him.”

Tanya denied the suggestion she would change her mind about her new disinterest in Mr David if she were to find out he was straight or had a girlfriend.

“it would be a cover-up,” she said.

David was subsequently given an indefinite stalking protection order against the 31-year-old.

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