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08th Jul 2022

Theresa May has ‘Love Actually’ moment as she dances to Craig David after Boris Johnson gets the boot

Jack Peat

It’s not the first time the former PM has been filmed cavorting 

Theresa May looked to be in a joyous mood after her successor was booted out of office on Thursday.

Boris Johnson was forced to quit amid a wave of resignations that flooded in following the Chris Pincher scandal.

He replaced May in 2019 after quitting his post as Foreign Secretary and rounding on the Tory Party leader over her Brexit plan, eventually forcing her out of office.

But his days as PM are now numbered after he resigned 2 years and 348 days into his premiership.

May, conversely, managed to last 3 years and 12 days.

The MP for Maidenhead was spotted at her local Henley Festival on the day of Johnson’s resignation.

She seemed in good spirits as she bopped away to Craig David.

It’s not the first time May has been filmed cavorting.

In 2018 she was seen dancing in Africa as she wrapped up a state visit:

And she also made this rather impressive entrance at the Tory Party conference in the same year:

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