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20th Mar 2022

‘You’re not mentally ill are you?’ a woman was asked after date googled her medication

Kieran Galpin

He said being mentally ill was a ‘turn off’

A woman has shared the horrifying moment a date texted her to ask, “You’re not mentally ill are you?” after he googled her medication.

TikTok user @b**chcraft444, real name Chloe, has stunned TikTok after sharing her unique dating experience. Captioning the video, “Not even a good morning,” Chloe explains that she messaged her potential boo, “Hey, how’s your evening?” following their date.

@bitchcraft444 Not even a good morning?… #foryoupage #foryou #mentalillness #antiphyscotic #toxic ♬ original sound – J Ⓐ y

But his response cut straight to the point.

“Hey, not to be rude and this is super awkward of me,” the text began.

The text continued: “The other night was fun but I googled the tablets you left on your bathroom sink (super invasive of me I know) and it said they were anti psychotics…

“You’re not mentally ill are you? Just a turn off and I wouldn’t want to go further if so.”

It’s unclear how Chloe responded or whether she responded at all. However, the post has seen a massive amount of attention, meaning the mystery man is probably hiding in the dark depths of the internet and away from the 4.4 million views the post has seen.


“Men never fail to amaze me,” wrote one TikTok user, while another said, “You dodged a massive bullet.”

“The pills I used to take for seizures are one of the most common bipolar pills. Like suuure I’m mentally ill too but are we really assuming diagnoses?,” another user rightly questioned.

Not everyone was totally against the man, with one user adding: “I think he could have approached this MUCH differently but he has a right have his own boundaries as well.”

Another TikTok user echoed the above statement, adding: “maybe badly worded but totally understandable,”

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