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04th Jul 2017

You could win a £1 million London flat by paying a fiver and answering one question

Some of the money goes to charity, but the two-bed Knightsbridge flat could be all yours

Rich Cooper

Houses are expensive. Houses in London are very expensive. Houses in one of the most exclusive parts of London are ridiculously expensive.

So what if we told you that you could win a two-bed flat in Knightsbridge by paying a fiver and answering a question?

We imagine you’d say “Bollocks” or words to that effect. But no. It is not bollocks. In fact, it might well be the bollocks.

Lord Roger Hickman, 72, is moving out of his flat in one of London’s most exclusive areas in order to look after his elderly mother, so he is essentially raffling off his gaff, charging a fiver a ticket.

“We have been talking to many estate agents and decided that in an effort to sell our flat and at the same time help some of London’s homeless charities, it is in our best interest to take the sale of the property into our own hands,” a statement on the competition’s website said.

“We will donate 5% of all the first 300,000 paid entry ticket sales to charity and if we achieve this target before December 1st we will donate ALL the additional ticket sale revenue to charity, less a small percentage to cover Pay Pal and marketing costs, as our way of helping the less fortunate among us.
“The entry fee is £5 per ticket and requires you to answer a question about the location of the flat.

“The closing date for entries is December 1st 2017 at midday GMT.”

First things first, if you want to enter the competition, head to the entry page here.

Okay, so now let’s have a gander at the place itself. Here’s a few pics of what could be your swinging London pad.

Your new hood

The sweet-ass living room

Swanky bathroom (black tiles, well fancy)

The bitchin’ kitchen

And of course, the bedroom. This is where the magic would happen if you weren’t up all night worrying about the council tax

Pretty sweet, right? The only sour note might be that, as some people have pointed out, flats like these come with service charges, and in an area like Knightsbridge, they’ll be a pretty eye-watering sum of money.

So you’ve counted out your pennies and by a stroke of luck there happens to be exactly five pounds, but you’re not there yet. You have to answer one tricky, trying, taxing question.

Which is the famous and iconic store that is closest to the apartment?

A) Fortnum & Mason B) Selfridges C) Harrods

You might not know off the top of your head, but a little googling should set you on course to win a £1 million flat. You and thousands of other people, that is.