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05th Oct 2019

What’s it like to design your own coffin?

Wayne Farry

RIP Clyde

Nobody wants to die but – and perhaps turn away if you’re not a fan of harsh truths – we are all definitely going to die at some point in our lives. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, or it could be decades from now, but it’s happening.

With a certainty like this, it’s only right that we try and make peace with our departure from this mortal coil. We’re humans though, which means we evade all thoughts of death until we are abruptly confronted with it.

That’s where the Coffin Club comes in. Based in Hastings, East Sussex, the club encourages people to consider and accept their own demise by designing coffins, either for themselves or for recently deceased loved ones.

With necessary coffin parts supplied by a local business, the founders of Coffin Club allow the living to design their final resting place exactly how they want it, whether that be traditional black, baby blue, or something really cool with flames, a skeleton wearing sunglasses and speed stripes.