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02nd Jan 2023

Wetherspoon is selling pints for less than £1 from today

Steve Hopkins

Five pints for a fiver!

For some ambitious Brits, today will be day 3 of Dry January.

And for those who were re-born at the stroke of Midnight on the first, they might have even been to the gym by now and had a day off the cheese and chips, and discovered salads.

For those carrying on where they left off, Wetherspoon has slashed its prices – a bit like the shops getting rid of all that unwanted stock.

From Tuesday, the chain is offering pints for as little as 99p. Great for those trying to stay tipsy during the cost of living crisis, not so good for those hoping to save a small fortune by staying sober.

At more than 560 of the chain’s pubs, from January 3 to 14 in and England and Wales, and 4 to 14 in Scotland, prices are being slashed.

Punters will be able to get Ruddles Best for 99p, while licensing laws in Scotland and Wales mean the real ale on offer will cost £1.10.

For those who don’t like an ale, you can get a pint of Bud Light, Stowford Press Dark Berry Cider or Stowford Press Apple Cider for £1.69 a pint.

For 99p, you can also get a bottle of Beck’s or a 25ml measure of Bell’s Whisky with a mixer.

Carlsberg will be on sale at £1.99 a pint and Guinness at £2.89 a pint.

Non-alcoholic drinks are also on sale. Beck’s Blue is also 99p, and a selection of low and alcohol-free bottled beers will cost £1.49.

Soft drinks and coffee will only cost 99p too, and customers can refill their cup of Joe for free.

Wetherspoon founder and chairman Tim Martin said: “Department stores and shops hold their sales in January, so it is the perfect time to have a sale in the pub too.

“The range of drinks and food on sale in the pub is aimed at suiting a wide variety of tastes.

“This year we have included our biggest selection of low and non-alcoholic drinks.

“I believe that the January sale will prove popular with our customers. ”

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