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22nd Aug 2015

We guarantee you that this pitbull puppy will melt your heart (Video)

Man's best friend indeed...


Pitbulls are often characterised as aggressive, dangerous animals. But nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s always the owners who train them to be like that. In actual fact, they are an incredibly affectionate breed – especially if they have you to thank for saving their lives.

Mojo was a severly ill puppy when Joey Wagner found him. The pit bull pup was being used as a ‘bait dog’ – basically a weak defenceless victim for fighting dogs to ‘practice’ on.

Joey rescued the bloodied and mange-infested doggie and took it to a home to be properly cared for. Some time later, he went to see how Mojo was, doubting that the young pitbull would even acknowledge him.

He could not have been more wrong. Enjoy the heart-warming moment when a recovering Mojo met the man who saved his life…