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18th Jun 2017

WATCH: This elderly man is what all Metallica fans aspire to be at that age

He's going to get whiplash.

Darragh Berry

Rock on.

You can’t beat a bit of driving music to get you through the rush hour traffic on your way home from work. Whether it’s Coldplay, Kanye or Stormzy, it can help soothe the pain of waiting an hour to make a five-minute journey.

Car jamming is ideal on a sunny day and with the windows down and the volume up, you feel pretty cool whizzing around town with your favourite music blaring from the stereo.

If you thought this carry on was a young person’s game, you would be completely mistaken. You can be two and rocking out from your baby seat or 82 and moving your shoulders at the foot of the steering wheel.

This ‘grandpa’ as he is referred to in the video is motoring along nice and casually while Metallica is absolutely firing out from his speakers.

For this elderly gentleman, his song of choice to rock out to when he’s making his daily commute is For Whom the Bells Tolls by the American heavy metal band.

He should be getting arrested for those dangerous shapes he’s throwing behind the wheel and how he does not injure his neck with all that head banging is astounding.

Grandpa shows that heavy metal is not just a genre of music but rather a way of life and from the clip of him on the road, it doesn’t look like he’ll be growing out of heavy metal anytime soon.


Clip via Born For Burning