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17th Jul 2015

Watch NFL Super Bowl-winning linebacker’s wrecking ball tackle on fan at golf competition (Video)



Overexcited fan asks human wrecking machine to wreck him… it doesn’t sound like the greatest of ideas.

But you couldn’t be stupid enough to do it again, could you? Wrong.

You would have thought this brave/bonkers fan might have learned his lesson from last year when he asked former Super Bowl-winning linebacker A.J. Hawk to tackle him at the 2014 American Century Championship Celeb-Am.

Nope. The hit to the head may have caused the Hawk fan to forget it ever happened. So this year the chap asked for more of the same.

And he got it. The Cincinnati Bengals player was only too happy to oblige and we’re pretty confident in saying that the probably fan won’t be showing up for next year’s tournament.

Listen to that crunch…

H/T to BroBible