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22nd Apr 2018

Tracy Barlow is a frontrunner for the London Marathon and everyone is making the same joke

"So glad to see that she has been able to turn her life around"

Kyle Picknell

All that running on the cobbles can’t have been good for her joints.

Corrie fans were caught off guard today after spotting a woman named Tracy Barlow is running in the London Marathon as an elite level starter – the special athletes chosen to begin the race first before the general public. 

Has the Weatherfield florist finally put her shady past behind her and turned to the endorphin-fuelled joy of long distance running to help sort her life out?

The answer is no, unfortunately. There is just a real woman out there called Tracy Barlow who just so happens to be very, very good at running. It didn’t stop everyone taking to Twitter to make the same joke though:

Maybe this is where the fictional Barlow is going wrong. Pick up some Asics and stop murdering people, Tracy. You might feel better.