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08th Aug 2022

TikTok investigating Andrew Tate after users demand he’s removed from platform

Charlie Herbert

TikTok says it is investigating Andrew tate content on its app

The platform has said it is ‘working to review’ content of Andrew Tate

TikTok has said it is investigating Andrew Tate’s content as calls grow for the British-American to be removed from the platform.

In recent weeks, the kickboxer has attracted controversy for his misogynistic content that has been widely shared on TikTok.

An investigation by the Observer found that videos of him have been watched 11.6 billion times.

In these videos, he makes misogynistic claims such as the idea women belong at home, can’t drive and are a man’s property.

He has also been accused of spreading ‘rape culture’ by openly talking about hitting and choking women, and going as far to say that rape victims should “bear responsibility” for their attacks.

TikTok has now confirmed that it is investigating these videos and that misogyny is not tolerated on its platform.

A spokesperson for TikTok told JOE: “Misogyny and other hateful ideologies and behaviours are not tolerated on TikTok, and we are working to review this content and take action against violations of our guidelines.

“We continually look to strengthen our policies and enforcement strategies, including adding more safeguards to our recommendation system, as part of our work to keep TikTok a safe and inclusive space for our community.”

Teams at TikTok are investigating the content on the app and will take action against any content or accounts that breach its Community Guidelines.

Rape charity White Ribbon has called for Tate to be removed from TikTok, with a spokesperson telling the MailOnline that his comments create “dangerous cultures and environments for women and girls to exist in.”

Tate won two kickboxing titles during his career, and appeared on Big Brother in 2016. But he was kicked off the show after a video emerged of him hitting a woman with a belt and threatening to “f***ing kill” her if she messages other men.

Tate claimed the clip was a “kinky sex video” and they were just acting out a role play.

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