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27th Jun 2019

Thorpe Park now has a ridiculous 90 metre inflatable obstacle course called ‘BounceZilla’


Life is a long and winding road

But what if instead of being paved with concrete and heartbreak, it was actually colourful and bouncy and you had to take your shoes off to go on it?

Look, what we’re getting at here is that Thorpe Park have a new crazy looking inflatable obstacle course called BounceZilla, and it looks insanely fun.

At 90 metres long, BounceZilla will see you clamber past obstacles, tumble through tunnels and slide your way to the finish. Yes, we are grown adults with jobs and responsibilities – why do you ask?

BounceZilla is only at Thorpe Park until September 8th, so if you feel the need to bounce around like a maniac, make sure you get down there by then.

2019 sees the theme park celebrate its 40th anniversary, and it is just as full of fun as it has ever been. Other attractions include rides suitable for the whole family like Rumba Rapids, Depth Charge and Flying Fish, as well as other highlights like the Angry Birds 4D Experience and King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems. Also recently opened is Jungle Escape, the first jungle-themed escape room in a UK theme park.

And of course, there are the terrifying, hair-raising attractions like Saw The Ride, Colossus, Stealth and The Swarm.

Thorpe Park Resort is open until 3 November 2019.